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This folder has all the required flowcharts and each flowchart has been uploaded in three formats :

  • PNG
  • PDF
  • SVG


Files :

  • github_repo_flowchart.pdf github_repo_flowchart.svg github_repo_flowchart.png

    Flowchart containing the instructions for maintaining and updating the repository.

  • news_flowchart.pdf news_flowchart.svg news_flowchart.png

    Flowchart containing the guidelines to faciliate that lab news.

  • publications_flowchart.pdf publications_flowchart.svg publications_flowchart.png

    Flowchart containing the guidelines to add/update the new publications.

  • team_members_flowchart.pdf team_members_flowchart.svg team_members_flowchart.png

    Flowchart containing the information for adding/updating the Team page.

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