This folder contains all the profile pictures of team members.


  • Naming: profile_Lastname_yyyy-mm-dd_tag.file_format The date indicates when the picture was taken.
  • Aspect ratio: 4:5
  • General form:
    • Must be from mid-torso up to the head
    • There must be about 1/5 *(the picture height) head clearance between the top of the head and the upper edge of the picture.
    • There must be atleast 0.75/4*(the picture width) but not more than 1.5/4 *(the picture width) lateral clearance on each side of the picture(from one side of the head to the lateral edge of the picture.)
    • Must be as centred as possible.
    • Shoulders do not necessarily have to show, though they can.
  • Facial Expression: No overly extreme facial expressions(a light smile or neutral face will do.)
  • Background: No overly bright or busy background, if background blur is not great.

Flowchart guide for instructions:

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