Setting Up MeetingOwl Pro

The Luque lab uses MeetingOwl Pro to conduct meetings over zoom.

The setup instructions are below

  • Find the best spot to place the owl, ideally at the center of the table.
  • At the bottom of the device plug in the USB cable and the power adapter
  • Plug the USB cable into your laptop or computer
  • Plug the owl into an outlet. As the device starts you will hear a hoot and see the eyes of the owl illuminate.
  • Open your xoom meeting on the device used to plug in the own and change the microphone and speaker to Meeting Owl.
  • This can be done my clicking on the arrow next to the microphone icon.
  • Similarly, select the Meeting Owl as you camera by clicking on the arrow next to the video camera icon.
  • You are all set for the meeting!

Site Last Updated: August 11, 2023