Grant specialist

Lab member in charge of updating documents and preparing documents for lab grant submissions.

Primary: Diana Y. Lee / Secondary: Colin Brown


  • Communicate with the SDSURF grant specialists and other grant specialists in other institutions during the application process of a grant.
  • Update CVs, biosketches, current & pendings docs.
  • Fill submission forms.
  • Check formatting and compliance issues.
  • Organize final files and guarantee long-term access.
  • Maintain record of financial expenses and needs in the lab.
  • Place orders and jobs.
  • Fill grant development forms.
  • Update protocols for financial assessment in the lab (salaries, purchases,…).
  • Keep and update a record of potential funding opportunities.

Publication specialist

Lab member providing support in the submissions process for manuscript publications.

Primary: Meghan Osato / Secondary: Brandon Ricafrente


  • Check manuscript formating and compliance with submission site.
  • Provide best practices to adapt the manuscript and materials for submission.
  • Check that the data associated with the study will be accessible onlin long-term.
  • Check that the codes associated with the study will be accessible onlin long-term.
  • Check that the project will be stored for long-term storage access in the lab.

Media specialist

Lab memmber providing support in the dissemination of information from the lab.

Primary: Caitlin Bartels / Secondary: Aurora Vogel


  • Keep record of current and former lab members (contact info and status).
  • Maintain and update the lab’s website.
  • Coordinate the production of posts for social media.
  • Post and monitor social media.
  • Keep record of presentations in conferences and opportunities to present in conferences.
  • Coordinate with lab members to present work in conferences.

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