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Capsid Geometrical Anatomy (Luque lab)

October 27, 2021

Zoom session

Access to workshop files

Temporary Athena site for the Capsid Anatomy project:

Part 1: Capsid anatomy

Capsid molecular composition

  • Stoichiometry: Major capsid, minor capsid, scaffold, reinforcemen, and decoration proteins.
  • Functions other than major capsid protein are usually fuzzy!

Capsid physical properties

  • Diameter, surface, volume, and sphericity (internal and external).
  • Elasticity and brittleness.
    • No standard approach.

Capsid geometric architecture

How to assign T-numbers

Molecular approach: Correspondence between geometric tiles and protein clusters.

Mechanical approach: Correspondence between quasi-rigid regions and geometrical tiles.

  • Elastic analysis of capsids
    • Perturbation analysis of alpha-carbon capsid models.
    • Example: Small tobacco necrosis virus (PDB 1A34):
    • STNV-decomposition
    • STNV-animation
    • Computational challenge: large capsids.

Part 2: Molecular approach (Diana Lee)

Part 3: Mechanical approach (Colin Brown)

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